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A man may wish to remove hair for cosmetic reasons or for a better quality of life. Whether it is the taming of an unruly uni-brow or removal of unsightly hair in the ear or, on the back or chest — men deserve to look and feel their best!

Hairy backs or chests can cause men to keep their shirts on even during 90 degree weather at the beach or on the water. Necks that constantly get irritated from shaving with unsightly razor bumps, itchy patches, as well as ingrown hairs that cause embarrassing red oozing papules and pustules, can make men feel uncomfortable and self conscious. Over time, this condition can become chronic and infected, causing permanent scarring.

Most men think of hair removal in the spring; however, it is actually better to start treating unwanted hair during the cooler and colder months of fall and winter. While receiving treatment it is important to stay out of the sun. A tan can render the laser less effective. Treatment started in the fall will ensure you a smooth, confident, hair-free summer of fun.

  • We can remove pigmented lesions (sun spots; age spots), leaving skin younger looking.

  • We can also treat vascular lesions – spider veins (especially on and around the nose).

Hormones play a role in hair growth for men and also affect hair removal.

Men often require more treatments on their back because their hair growth is driven by testosterone. A man in his 20’s has more testosterone and therefore it will take longer to successfully get rid of hair on his back than a man in his 40’s. One annual maintenance visit may also be necessary.

Popular Areas Of Hair Removal For Men:

  • beard sculpted
  • brows
  • back
  • shoulders
  • chest
  • legs
  • neck
  • ears
  • nose
“I’m male and of Southern Italian decent with a heavy black beard and dark complexion. The thickness and coarseness of my beard combined with shaving created constant skin irritation, razor bumps, ingrown hairs and oily skin. After nearly 30 years of shaving and never ending discomfort, I decided to have my beard permanently removed.

Eight weeks after my 5th laser treatment with Iga and my beard is 90% gone. Shaving my face is a smooth experience. I no longer experience razor bumps, razor burn and my complexion has cleared. Friends tell me I look younger and I frequently receive complements on my skin. I have approximately 2 to 3 treatments left.

I can’t thank Iga enough for her care, expertise and professional demeanour. I have and will continue to recommend Iga’s Laser & Electrolysis especially to men tired of the discomfort experienced from shaving. My confidence has improved, I like the results I see in the mirror and I and my face feel great. Thank you Iga – You have changed my life.”

Andy Castelluccio

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