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Redefining beauty standards for over 30 years!

Once known as Iga’s Laser and Electrolysis, our journey in the realm of hair removal and aesthetics spans over three decades. With an extensive history dating back to our roots, we’ve honed our expertise to perfection.

In the world of hair removal, we’ve built a formidable reputation as specialists, offering a unique combination of both electrolysis and laser treatments. Our mission? To banish unwanted hair permanently, leaving you with a newfound sense of confidence and freedom.

Over the years, our commitment to our clients has grown stronger, as we’ve delved into the intricacies of hair removal and skin rejuvenation. We’ve become trusted specialists, crafting tailored treatment programs for a wide range of conditions and concerns.

What sets us apart is not only our wealth of experience but also our unwavering dedication to excellence. Our exceptional team of certified technicians shares a common passion – to provide you with a personalized service that leaves no detail overlooked. We’re here to make a difference in your life, delivering results that are truly transformative.

At Olakino Laser + Skin, it’s an honour and privilege to be part of your journey towards looking and feeling your best. We invite you to experience the difference that decades of dedication can make. Welcome to a brighter, more confident you.

Our Team

Félipée Certified Laser Technician Medical Aesthetician


Certified Laser Technician

Medical Aesthetician


Félipée specializes in laser, microneedling + facial treatments. She attended John Casablanca Institute; a private institution situated in Vancouver, BC. offering extensive medical aesthetics training. Félipée is certified as a Medical Aesthetician, Laser Technician and Skincare Specialist. She has worked with many professionals in the field and therefore has gained much knowledge in the world of aesthetics. She is passionate about this field because she believes in improving self-confidence by elevating our image.

Ana Certified Electrologist


Certified Electrologist


Ana specializes in electrolysis. She has been working as an Electrologist since 2006. Her clients appreciate her caring, calm manner and attention to detail. Ana feels that one of the most rewarding aspects of being an electrologist is seeing clients visibly blossom and regain their confidence as their hair disappears. Ana is a Certified Electrologist and graduated from the Swansons Canadian Institute of Electrolysis. Ana is a member in good standing with the Canadian Organization of Professional Electrologists (COPE).

KaitLynn Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE)


Certified Professional Electrologist



KaitLynn specializes in electrolysis hair removal treatments. She has been working as an Electrologist since 2014. Her love of people shines through in her bubbly personality and care she shows her clients. KaitLynn is a Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) per a federal exam she had to pass to reach this certification of measured excellence. She graduated from Canadian Electrolysis College. Memberships: Canadian Organization of Professional Electrologists (COPE) The Association of Professional Electrologists of British Columbia (TAPEBC).

Chelsey McEwen owner of Olakino Skin


Clinic Owner


Chelsey is the Owner of Olakino Laser + Skin. With a deep passion for helping others feel confident and radiant, Chelsey has seamlessly transformed the business landscape in 2022, breathing new life into what was once known as Iga’s Laser and Electrolysis. She has a commitment to Iga’s legacy, while infusing the clinic with a fresh perspective + an unwavering commitment to excellence. Clients are met with personalized care and attention, as Chelsey collaborates closely with a team of skilled professionals that curate bespoke treatment plans, catering to each individual’s unique needs + aspirations. Having previously experienced melanoma in her past, she holds a special place for skin health and safety. Chelsey believes in fostering an environment that embodies “Olakino”, the state of health + well-being, and loves seeing a client’s transformative journey towards self-confidence + inner radiance.

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