Olakino Laser + Skin:

Rebranded and Redefined

A Rebirth

In the bustling world of aesthetics and wellness, a laser and skin clinic called Olakino Laser + Skin has recently undergone a remarkable transformation. Formerly known as Iga’s Laser and Electrolysis, this beloved establishment has embarked on a journey of rebranding and remodeling, breathing new life into its interior space and rejuvenating its overall identity. Join us as we explore the exciting changes at Olakino Laser + Skin and discover how this transformation has elevated the client experience to new heights.

New Waiting Room

A Fresh Identity

With the decision to rebrand, Olakino Laser + Skin has taken a significant step towards reinventing itself. The new name, “Olakino,” derived from the Hawaiian word for “the state of health and wellbeing” perfectly encapsulates the clinic’s commitment to promoting overall health and vitality. The name change reflects the clinic’s expanded services and dedication to delivering comprehensive care for skin and hair removal, using cutting-edge technology.

Aesthetic Transformation

The physical transformation of the clinic is nothing short of noteworthy. The once-familiar interiors of Iga’s Laser and Electrolysis have been meticulously redesigned to create a welcoming and modern ambiance. From the moment clients step into Olakino Laser + Skin, they are enveloped in an atmosphere that exudes comfort, serenity and sophistication.

The reimagined space features warm, contemporary furnishings that blend seamlessly with calming color palettes, creating an environment conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation. Clients can feel at ease during their visits.


Iga's Laser Old Clinic


Iga's Laser Old Clinic

Expanded Services

Under its new identity, Olakino Laser + Skin has expanded its service offerings to provide comprehensive and personalized care. Recognizing that each client’s skincare needs are unique, the clinic now offers customized treatment plans tailored to individual goals and concerns. The experienced team of certified professionals at Olakino Laser + Skin is dedicated to guiding clients through their skincare or hair removal journey, utilizing their expertise to deliver optimal results.

Client-Centric Approach

Throughout the rebranding and remodeling process, Olakino Laser + Skin has remained steadfast in its commitment to prioritizing clients’ needs and comfort. The clinic’s warm and knowledgeable staff ensures that every client receives personalized attention and feels well cared for during their visit. By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, Olakino Laser + Skin has earned a reputation for exceptional customer service, building enduring relationships with its clientele.

Olakino Laser + Skin’s rebranding and remodeling efforts have not only revitalized the clinic’s aesthetic appeal but also enhanced the overall client experience. With its renewed focus on wellbeing, advanced technology, expanded services, and a client-centric approach, Olakino Laser + Skin has positioned itself as a leading destination for hair removal, skincare and laser treatments. Whether you seek to enhance your natural beauty or address specific skincare concerns, Olakino Laser + Skin is poised to provide unparalleled care and help you achieve your desired results.

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